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At least two hundred students from Padjadjaran University Programs Sundanese (Padjadjaran University), staged a demonstration in the courtyard Gedung Sate, Bandung. They demanded that the people of West Java (West Java) still use the Sundanese language in everyday life.

In addition, they also demanded that the Sundanese language is used as a formal language within the provincial and regency / city in West Java. Massa worry existence sundanese currently hold eroded by modernization to language comprehension much forgotten community.

“This action as a form of our love of language. As mandated and recommended by Unesco in 1999, the law of article 32 paragraph 45 the second, and Jabar Perda No. 5 of 2003 asserted that the Sundanese language should be introduced and applied to the Sundanese,” said Chairman The set of Sundanese Indonesian Education University (UPI) Dede Nurjaman Riza, who also participated in the rally.

Their demand is based on the fact that the use of Sundanese language in government was considered very minimal. Dede’s view, the use of Sundanese language is now considered part of the population especially the youth as the language of the orthodox or plebeian. “Whereas Sundanese language is a language rich with cultural value,” said Dede.
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The protesters staged a theatrical and bring musical instruments typical Sundanese. Previously, they also give awards to restaurants Bancakan, and Sabara are deemed to be consistent ngamumule (maintain) kesundaan identity.


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