Before the execution

Traditionally in some countries to grant death row inmates last meal before execution. Although many inmates are no longer concerned about his last meal, but some are asking strange menus to the warden.

As quoted from page Telegraph, following some strange menu inmate requests from the United States before the execution.

1. Thomas J Grasso
Grasso undergo execution in 1995 for the crime to kill a woman 85 years with Christmas tree lights. Before the execution, he filed a list of two dozen menu including boiled shrimp, two dozen steamed mussels, a Burger King cheeseburger doubel, six ribs, roast pork, two big glasses of milkshake, one can of SpaghettiOs with meatballs, half a pumpkin pie, with strawberries, and cream .

All requests granted prison kitchen staff. However, it turns out there is one mistake that makes Grasso disappointed. “I do not get my SpaghettiOs, but spaghetti. I want the press to know this,” Grasso said before he died. SpaghettiOs is one of the leading canned spaghetti products in America.

2. Robert Buell
Buell was sentenced to death for murder and sexual violence against girls 11 years, Krista Harrison, in 1982. Buell insisted was innocent, although the court sentenced 121 years in prison on charges of rape another. Menu foods is a grain of the latter submitted seedless black olives.

3. Gerald Lee Mitchell
Mitchell underwent execution of a number of criminal cases including murder of a man who is not willing to give up the necklace incarannya. He is also accused of robbing and shooting two people in a drug transaction. Menu last meal probably is not nutritious but very colorful and cheerful: a bag of Jolly Rancher candies in different flavors.

4. James Edward Smith
Executions carried out in June 1990 for murder and robbery in Houston, Texas. As a last meal, Smith asked for dirt, allegedly so he could perform voodoo rituals. His wish was not granted because the dirt is not included in the list of approved foods prison system. He eventually chose to swallow the yogurt before execution.

5. Odell Barnes Jr.
Barnes underwent execution of robberies, beatings, and stabbing a woman in a house in 1989. Menu last meal is probably the most difficult request was granted prison kitchen staff. How not, she asks the kitchen staff provides a ‘menu’ of justice, equality and world peace.


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