beyond a doubt

Forbes magazine recently announced list of 40 richest people in Indonesia. More than half, the old names.

Hartono family through Djarum and Bank Central Asia for example, has maintained the position of the richest in the two years in a row with a net worth of $ 11 billion.

However, unexpectedly, there were seven new names from the names, one of which Sri Prakash Lohia. Memilihh Indian descent who became an Indonesian citizen has a wealth of U.S. $ 2.65 billion. He also became the richest man number six.

His riches are Indorama Corporation, polyster company founded with his father, ML Lohia. Indorama started his business by setting up yarn factory in 1976 in Indonesia.

Now in the hands of Prakash, increasingly menggurita Indorama Group. Products include polyester, PET resins, polyethylene, polypropylene, cloth, until the medical gloves. Factories scattered in ten countries with full control from Jakarta.

Indorama Group is currently sheltering a number of companies. The business of making textile raw materials under the flag of PT Indorama Synthetics and petrochemical businesses under PT Eleme Petrochemical.

While the business of making yarn spun under Indorama Iplik, ISIN Lanka, and Indorama Shebin. Enterprises in the field of medical gloves managed Medisafe Technologies.

Since 1995, Indorama also get in on the business development of real estate through Real Estate Indorama.

In 2008, Indorama invest in Indorama Ventura Corp. PCL, the world’s largest integrated polyster company listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Product Indorama sent to more than 90 countries in four continents and absorb more than 16 thousand workers. (Umi)


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