The launch of this program

mig33, who claimed to be the largest mobile community in the world with 40 million members, today launched a new distribution program that will ensure open access for the perpetrators of services Value-Added Services (VAS) as well as leading handset manufacturers to rapidly develop virtual economy.

The launch of this program is to step mig33 telling as social entertainment service provider, which will create a virtual economy’s rapid growth which has sold nearly 30 million in virtual goods throughout 2010.

Among the latest mig33 distribution partner is PT Numedia Global, one of the operator platform provider and the largest mobile VAS company in Indonesia.

“PT Numedia proud to cooperate formally with mig33. For us, mig33 is a mobile community that is predicted to be the largest in the mobile world,” says Andy Zain, CEO of PT Numedia Global, in his statement, Jakarta, Thursday, September 30, 2010.

While in India there is Olive Telecom, devices and solutions provider for consumers and the largest mobile operator in India, and ThumbMOB, a new consultant in the Philippines that specializes in the field of digital media arbitration, with in-house capabilities in application development, distribution, and publishing.

New distribution program is unique because mig33 is practically open new revenue streams for its distribution partners without requiring partners to pay the cost of mobile services.

“We managed to imitate the model of Social Networking Services (SNS) is popular in East Asia such as Mobagetown from DENA and Tencent QQ (QQ), large enterprises in China that has consistently managed to increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is healthy and the level of monetization of beyond the traditional mobile ecosystem, “said Steven Goh, CEO and co-founder of mig33, on the same information.

The program is closely related to mig33 effort to continue to develop various features of mobile social entertainment. In 2010 alone, mig33 has launched more than a thousand virtual goods, avatars and games. Mig33 users have purchased more than four million virtual gifts per month, and the exchange of messages that reach nearly one billion per day in mig33.

“Mig33 has become the world’s largest mobile community that continually focus on entertainment and access,” said Steven.

“This new distribution program, we focus on developing access through a series of partnership programs with several leading companies in mobile industry. Additionally, we formed an innovative partnership program, with a new revenue source for our partners as a gain on the establishment of community access is fast and responsive mobile in mobile-first world, “he explained.

Mig33 software can be applied to all mobile devices and can be optimized to more than 2,000 different handsets worldwide. Currently mig33 plans to release a new version including for the type of Android in the coming months.

Recently, mig33 was also appointed as one of the top ten applications in Asia Conference in Singapore SingTel’s Accelerate. In July, Bharti Airtel mig33 crowned as a free application to download the highest in Central App Airtel mobile application store owned company Bharti Airtel.


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