SingTel Launch New Card Prime Sympathy

Telkomsel started today provides a special inaugural card ie Sympathy Freedom. SIM Card provides a variety of package options for its users, without having to stare with a choice of promos that are normally provided on each package of prime card.

Unlike other Sympathy numbers, prime numbers on the card using the new prefix number 0821. Thus, currently has six Telkomsel prefix numbers ie 0811, 0812, 0813, 0852, 0853, 0821.

“Sympathy Freedom exists to provide a sense of freedom that had been awaited because of the limited choice of mobile phone users when using the service,” said Sarwoto Atomsutarno, President Director of Telkomsel in his testimony, July 22, 2010.

Sarwoto mention, needs and lifestyle of each user must have different Postel. “To that end, the Freedom Sympathy promo Telkomsel provides unlimited choices to our customers,” he said.

At the inaugural card worth Rp5 thousand (including VAT), users get 100 free SMS directly to all operators and internet 1MB indefinitely, without the need to service activation.

By pressing the access code * 999 # users can also select one of the three promos are provided as needed. The third package is a package internetan Without Limits, Without Boundaries day Package, and Pack Overnight Without Borders.

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