Blue Bird Taxi protest yet to Pertamina

PT Pertamina (Persero) to date have never received a direct complaint from the Blue Bird taxi company that reportedly damaged the fuel pump (fuel pump) in a number of its fleet.

So far, the largest SOE in the Land of Water is supplying fuel oil (BBM) in the form of premiums as much as 4976 kiloliters (KL). Blue Bird taxi itself is directed to begin using the fuel type Pertamax.

Pertamina had also started to examine 14 General Fuel Filling Station (Gas Station) for the entire Greater Jakarta area, including five petrol stations in the region Jatibening units.

“We have a new Blue Bird is known to complain, but they also did not protest directly to us,” said VP of Retail Marketing Denni Wisnuwardani fuel in a press statement at Island Hospitality Two, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, Thursday, July 22, 2010.

According to Vishnu, the Blue Bird is still awaiting the results of checking Sole Agent Trademark Holder (ATPM) concerning the existence of damage in the PUM fuel their vehicles.

Vishnu rate, each brand of automobile spare parts certainly have their own specifications. If the specifications are being followed according to existing provisions, should the condition of the car will still be fine. “If it is not followed there is a possibility does not fit,” he said.

Furthermore, Pertamina also admitted to request that a new fleet of taxis with fuel in order to mix it with fuel type Pertamax.

Vishnu said, the quality is very dependent on the fuel octane number. Quality that conform with the type of fuel that can be used for a motor kendalaan.

“If the required minimum of 90 nglitik because the compression the engine will not arrive. Fuel pump that he said was in the gas tank,” he said.

During this, the checking is always done Pertamina fuel sampling started from the depot, tank car, to go to petrol stations. In fact, at every shift change, certain checks being conducted.

“If owners receive gasoline from the fuel truck, they also do not want if the specifications are below standard due to the tank timbunnya at risk,” said Vishnu.

Relationship Disconnect
Further, threatening to sever its ties Vishnu work if there is a gas station manager who dared wanton mixing fuel from Pertamina. Not only gas station manager, driver or owner of the tanker drivers could also imposed similar sanctions.

For the affected managers hubunga termination of operations, will take over Pertamina’s gas station by placing the personnel of the company to keep petrol stations remain operational.

“If there is a criminal offense, handed over to police. Oil and Gas Law also states the activities prohibited mixing for sale,” he said. (Hs)


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