Under License, Popular Piracy Methods

Autodesk has reported five companies from the construction industry, engineering, and architecture to the origin of the Jakarta Police Headquarters due to software piracy. Section, the five companies had previously been getting education and warnings.

“We make the two categories of misuse of Autodesk software,” Turia said Fitriano Helmy, Autodesk License Compliance Manager of Indonesia in his testimony, June 29, 2010. “First, companies using pirated products. Second, companies use Autodesk products but not in accordance with its license number, “he said.

For example, says Turia, for example, the company purchased a license for 5 computers, but were used for 20 units of computers. “This illegal act we call the under-license,” ujap Turia.

According to the Turia, the consumer companies are often under-licensing action. “It means they are doing a lot of duplication of Autodesk software,” he said.

Turia says, Autodesk can find out this illegal action through the activation of which is online. “This could diketaui via serial number requested in each activation of a software process,” Turia said.

“Pirated software usually has a sequential serial number or numbers pretty, like 1234567. While the original software is always random, not sequential, “Turia said.

For information, sales price software-Autodesk software varies, from U.S. $ 2000-5000 (about USD 18 million-45 million). However, Autodesk’s AutoCAD product also has a 2D (light type) sold at a price of U.S. $ 1500 (USD 13 million).

“The question of the loss we need to calculate first. But never any cases of single firm conduct as many as 60 products under license AutoCAD. Though he was only the interpretation of two licenses. Currently we estimate that there is a loss of about U.S. $ 3,000 per license, “says Turia.


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