Google Prepare (Again) Challenger Facebook

Although social networking and messaging features Google Buzz less is too popular, it seems Google has not given up. The reason, says rumors that Google was working on a new social networking project.

Rumor is exhaled by Kevin Rose, one of the founders of Digg, through his personal Twitter account. On Saturday last week, Rose post a Tweet (status) on Twitter reads: “Huge rumor: Google to launch Facebook competitor very soon” Google Me, “very credible source.”

Currently, Tweet Rose himself has been deleted. But the PCWorld site is able to catch these Tweet. According to FoxNews, despite the rumors, that information could be proven. Because, Google also has prepared a variety of components required for a social networking site.

Google has Google Profiles, which allows users to create personal pages with a variety of data themselves. In addition, Google also has Google Buzz that allows users to make updates the status, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, Google also has the Latitude, geolokasi feature that allows users to share location information to friends. For communications and online collaboration tools, Google also has Google Wave.

Like what was said by Rose, it appears that this effort is not free from Google’s efforts to compete with Facebook. In May alone, the market research firm Hitwise notes that 14.5 percent of all traffic towards the website forums and social networking site. Only 10 percent of the traffic that leads to a search engine.

Facebook Success is not achieved in one night. It took a year for Facebook to achieve such a condition right now. Of course, Google’s intention was not as easy as turning the palm of the hand.
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Google’s got all the elements required by a social network, but the features had been separated from each other. “So far, Google has failed in the field of social networking, both with Orkut and Buzz. It is not yet clear whether Google’s new social services, will be better or not,” said Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Land Editor to FoxNews.


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