In the past week

Being in the environment of Metro Jaya Regional Police Headquarters, does not necessarily guarantee free from theft. Recently, cases of theft of a motorcycle helmet even more widespread in the police office located at Jalan Sudirman, Jakarta.

In the past week, carrying the usual five journalists here covering the loss of the helmet that hung on their bikes. journalists, Ferril Dennys, and Between, Taufik Ridwan, lose the helmet worth Rp350 thousand of their motorcycles parked in front of the Security Intelligence Service, Tuesday, May 25, 2010.

A day earlier, protective headgear Contributors Trans TV, Budi Tanjung, has been missing. The bike was parked in the backyard of the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate building. Same boat with three of his colleagues, journalists, Media Indonesia Fidel Ali, also lost helmet worth Rp600 thousand when covering the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, May 4, 2010.

The latter, similar events also happened to photographer, Wira Satria. Naas make Wira, who lost not only his helmet worth 200 thousand, but also his favorite jacket valued at Rp450 thousand. At that time he was covering corruption and tax evasion, 9 April 2010.

Responding to this, the Head of Public Relations Polda Metro Jaya Police Commissioner Big Boy Rafli Amar, said he would immediately report these cases to the Provost and Headquarters Detachment. “We will follow up the report to strengthen internal controls,” said Boy.

Do-do, police helmet was missing too much, Commander


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