Venna Melinda Wants Kubu AM Not Solid

Cadre of artists who are also Democrats, Venna Melinda reveals that losing to Andi Mallarangeng (AM) from the prospective chairman of the Democratic party is for the cadre of political learning. The defeat was not factored ketidaksolidan cadres.

“I would rather judge the essence of this great event. I rate this is a great political learning for the cadre of Democrats and the nation,” said Venna Melinda on “Kampoeng AM”, Bandung, West Java, Sunday, May 23, 2010.

He did not want to think negatively about the defeat of ‘hero’ of this. Venna dismiss rumors that the defeat of AM because of the cadre of supporters ketidaksolidan.

“We should not think negatively. Bang Andi’s defeat had nothing to do with ketidaksolidan or there is a particular setting,” said Venna is also a member of this Parliament.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Independent Community Pro “AM” Asmaramudi Bambang said the process of selecting the chairman of the Democratic party is not a problem just one victory. Although AM has been declared defeated, his party still supported by Andi Mallarangeng.

“This is a consequence of the struggle. We support Andi Mallarangeng remain strong because there are many other tasks await Bang Andi,” he said

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