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The World Bank has since last year ‘in love’ with the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani. What considerations and ‘charm’ Sri Mulyani to make the World Bank president Robert B Zoellick ask for her hand becomes a very important person in the World Bank.

In the official statement published by the World Bank, Zoellick stressed that the Sri Mulyani has guided economic policy making Indonesia one of the largest country in Southeast Asia, even one of the largest countries in the world.

“I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Sri Mulyani this. He has been a remarkable Minister of Finance with a deep knowledge mainly about two issues, development and the role of world bank group,” said Zoellick.

According to Zoellick, who has made the policy guidance of Sri Mulyani Indonesian successful carrying out of the crisis. Sri Mulyani also considered key to successfully implement the reforms and get respect from his friends around the world.

“As a member of the Senior Team (World Bank), he will play a key role in bringing the World Bank to lead and provide strength for the member countries. We are also implementing a reform program and anticipate the challenges ahead,” said Zoellick.

The World Bank also mentions ‘a little’ gait Sri Mulyani in the world economic arena. Prior to his position as Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani has served as Minister and Chairman of National Development Planning Agency of Indonesia.

Between 2008 – 2009, he served as Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs. From 2002 – 2004, he was the Executive Director on the Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Sri is a graduate of the University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics and a visiting professor at the Andrew Young School of Public Policy at Georgia State University


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