5 important about Facial

We face full of blackheads and looks dull, the most effective way to cope is with a facial. However, before doing so, refer to important information about facial skin care is:

1. The right type of facial skin
After the facial, the skin should feel soft, moist, clean, and more resilient. However, many problems of dry or oily skin appear after the facial. That is because the choice of does not match facial skin condition. It is very important to know the type of skin, and tell the therapist about your skin type. Especially if, your first time facials at the venue.

2. Pain
When blackheads, or dirt that clog pores issued, was a bit sore and it was normal. Especially if there is dirt on the sensitive skin. The most important thing to keep in mind is the cleanliness of equipment facial. Make sure the facial tool for one person only. This is very important because it involves hygiene and avoid disease.

3. Facial is not the main solution to overcome acne
Many are asking whether the facial to be the main solution to overcome acne. It relies heavily on acne and skin conditions. If the acne is already in a serious condition, you should not directly perform the salon facial. Consult with a dermatologist in order to overcome not only from outside but also from within by taking the drug.

4. Chemical facial function (chemical peeling)
Facial chemical is also called the ‘medium-depth facial treatment’ is to use chemicals such as trichloroacetic, or TCA. The material stimulates collagen growth by lifting the top of the skin. The skin will look like sting of the sun is red. This occurred during the five to seven days, but then the skin will smooth wrinkles and lines will not show up for six months to a year.

5th. Effect facial
Many women who do facials regularly. The result can indeed be seen directly, but if doing long-term chemical facials, skin chronic inflammation risk. Harsh chemicals are the main cause, while making the skin smoother. Instead, do facials when memnag face require treatment and should not be too often do facials with chemicals (chemical peeling)


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