Splash, ‘Toys’ New Suzuki in Mini MPV

PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales continue to boost MPV market. To add to its product lineup, this automotive company launched Spalsh, mini MPV.

“Splash is the Suzuki product type the first mini-MPV market in Indonesia. In addition, this car is a new breakthrough for Suzuki to provide alternatives to enter the MPV market,” said Endro Nugroho, Director of Marketing R4 PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales at the launch of this product in Bandung.

Splash comes as a pleasant vehicle to drive, used, and owned. This car has a character of European car design stylish, modern and elegant. “The car was deliberately designed for the needs of young executives and young families,” he explained.

According Endro car excess capacity of five people are using the latest generation of machine K 12 M Made of lightweight aluminum and powerful. This engine also uses the drive-by-wire technology to produce more accurate engine performance and responsiveness because of the sensor system ECM (Electronics Control Module). The system allows the engine performance and exposure settings of the accelerator Katu no longer using the gas cable.

“Energy is produced even be optimal, more fuel-efficient and low CO2 emissions and thus more friendly to the environment or eco-friendly,” said Endro.

Splash is launching backwards from the original schedule by the end of February because this car booking in Europe as many as 3000 units / month and 5,000 units / month in India.
cara membuat twitter
Mieke Tanudiwidjaja Director of PT Nusantara Jaya Sentosa said, chose Bandung became the first launch of Splash because Suzuki has many success stories in this city.

“Sales on a national scale, is targeted as many as 500 units, for our own Jabar new unit targeting 70-80. Now we have received orders of about 20 units,” said Mieke.


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