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Michael Atkinson, a politician and Attorney General from South Australia claimed that he was more afraid of gamers (gamers) than motorcycle gangs.

“I think if me and my family is more at risk of crime from the gamer rather than motorcycle gangs who also hates me,” said Atkinson, on television stations Australian Broadcasting Corporation, February 18, 2010. cara membuat twitter

“Motorcycle gang does not overshadow my life at 2 o’clock in the morning, but a gamer I am,” said Atkinson.

With the future of Australian gamers are on hand, opinions Atkinson makes sense. He is currently weighing a proposal that contains provisions of the proposed removal of restrictions on where a game can only be played by adults.

Revocation of the need to approve all officials of the region, state, national till. But Atkinson could veto the decision.

However, a group of gamers called Gamers4Croydon had requested that the ban was revoked because the current rating system does not only limit, but also confusing.

The group was also accused Atkinson let his personal opinions to interfere with the independent research.


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