Pasha, who today carry

Pasha, who today carry out further hearing criminal cases, many supported by the fans.

“I do not ever let them come, they most ABG, still in school. But many come from afar, some from Karachi until they miss school, it was a form of solidarity,” said Pasha in PN Bogor, West Java, 12 January 2010.

Honestly, Pasha greatly appreciate the efforts and support of these fans. Okie Agustina’s former husband is also not worried about his image in the eyes of fans bad.


“Sempet no worry whatsoever that we have planted so far damaged because of this, but this turned out to actually increase the amount of his qliquers (Purple fans), which I was very worried about her mother’s mother. But Thank God they were told, ‘yes patient pasha ‘.


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