Arriving in Jakarta, Rain greeted by hysterical fans

Singer Korean actor, Rain arrives in Jakarta for a concert tour. Rain was greeted by hysterical screams of fans.

Men’s original name Jung Ji-Hoon arrived at the Soekarno-Hatta airport, Cengkareng at around 23:20 pm. Rain’s arrival has been anticipated since the end of the day fans.

Detikhot observation in the field, China Airways flight CI679 who rode Rain was too late. The aircraft originally scheduled to land at 20:20 pm.

It also ultimately affects the physical condition of the stars ‘Ninja Assassin’ is. He did not have time to stop to greet fans who had long waited for.

Rain came dressed in jeans, white shirt, cap gray, red scarf, sunglasses are also headphones around his head. Rain occasionally waved his hand and smile.

Super tight guard was prepared to Rain. As he was out of the door terminal 2E, Rain had tripped because the fans are also urging the narrow road.

But all can be overcome. Rain led to straight silver car numbered Alfard police had prepared B7RI W Productions promoter.

Rain concert planned to be held on December 3rd place in the next JITEC, Mangga Dua, Jakarta Utara. This concert is a long series of ‘Rainism Concert Tour’.


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