Naysilla hue and Gossip So Mualaf By Dude Herlino

Naysilla Mirdad reportedly became a convert because of the mention of a relationship with Herlino Dude. Naysilla denied the teknologi news.

In fact, Naysilla disclose his relationship with the Dude limited partners. He also did not want problems associated with the belief that his colleagues in soap opera ‘The gift of prayer and’ them.

“The relationship I just Dude just limited to professional relationships. Please do not linked,” he said when met at the studio Persari, Ciganjur, South Jakarta, Monday (30/11/2009).

Meanwhile, when found in the same place, Dude claimed to know nothing about Naysilla has now become a convert. However, he said that if Naysilla it several times had to ask about the religion of Islam to him.

“Yes, still limited to wondering what the general course. If he asked, I said everything I can,” said Dude. berita terbaru indonesia

Gossip proximity Naysilla and Dude began circulating several times since they were in a soap opera. Besides ‘Prayer and gift’, they also had performed together in ‘Diamond’ and ‘Light’.


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